School trip to The English Theatre Frankfurt

School trip to The English Theatre Frankfurt
On the 24th of May the students of the 10f went to The English Theatre in Frankfurt.
The trip started at the Weiterstadt Bahnhof, where the teacher and pupils agreed as a meeting point. The teacher, Ms. Murzaschev, had already bought the tickets for the train and for the play. Our way to Frankfurt was good. We only took two trains to Frankfurt, with no more than 5 stops in total.
We arrived in Frankfurt around 11:00 am. Frankfurt is an impressive city, from the dirty surroundings of the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, where the most shocking of things may happen in plain sight to its beautiful urbanization and skyscrapers. Frankfurt in its size is not a large city, but it’s so culturally dense it makes an attentive outsider feel lost in such environment. Our way from the Hauptbahnhof to The English Theatre was unfortunately short. Most of the city remained unviewed to the pupils. Our way was a straight line from the station to the theatre, on the sidewalks while people walk in stores constructions were happening, parts of the sidewalks were completely blocked. Luckily a certain event was taking place at this day – the street, which we were walking through, was closed to cars and other vehicles to have a small market. The smell of fresh food and flowers was so outplaced in between the construction and loud noises. Even if that wasn’t intriguing, one block before the theatre a photo-shooting of a model was taking place. As the class passing by the photographer and the model, the class formed a line to cross the construction sight.
After this short walk we stopped in a park in front of The English Theatre. There we group together and decided who would sit where. It didn’t take long until everything was settled and we could go to the theatre to watch the play. Impressive enough a group of fair number of spectators was there to watch the morning play.
‘The Invisible Hand’ was the play, a two-act play played through one hour and forty-five minutes. It is about the kidnapping of a banker, who needs to make money for his kidnappers. Captors, who are from Pakistan and would use the money made to save the lives of its compatriots in the south, that is a region of poverty, as the play says. With 4 characters and only one set, that changed through different sets of lights from day to night time in the story, a simple, ground-based and direct story with good character development was presented to us and in no moment it felt boring or over-the-top.
The experience was great, I hope this inspires other classes do the same and to have great discussions about it afterwards.
Fábio Andre Reitinger 10f

Our Trip to The English Theatre Frankfurt

On the 24th May 2018 we went on a trip to The English Theatre Frankfurt. Visiting the theatre was a good idea, because it allowed us to practice our English.

 It started at the Weiterstadt Bahnhof, our whole class met up there to go to Frankfurt by train. We arrived in Frankfurt around 10:30 am, so we had a bit more time until the theatre started and we used that time to get to know our marks for the final exams.

A bit later we finally came to the main point of the trip- The English Theatre Frankfurt. The play ‘The Invisible Hand’ was about a man who was captured in one room and was told to earn money from stock trading causing the death of other people just to get free. The play had great characters and it was great, even though it was kept minimalistic and there were only 4 characters. What I liked most were the accents of the characters, it showed many types of English accents that were fun to experience but some students had problems understanding the play.

Visiting Frankfurt was a good experience, especially for the students who haven’t been there that often, like me for example. My personal opinion on the trip is that it was a great experience and I highly recommend it to classes in the future.

Antonio Kwiek 10f

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